About Bytel

Bytel is a 20 year old electronic communications business, designing, building and supporting wireless systems ultimately targeted at government and industrial customers.
Our mission is to provide innovative additions to our customer's systems, to equipment dealers and their end users.
Our equipment is design, build, tested and support by Bytel.
We have built a lot of equipment over the past 20 years. Change has passed some of it by, but like an old pickup truck they still have their uses. Bytel still depot repairs everything we ever built and there is still a lot out there. Ironically part of our ability to support our legacy equipment is due to our small size. Unlike the large equipment providers, Bytel has never used short lived custom integrations in our designs. For the user of our equipment, this means their investment has longevity due to common parts availability.
Each project we undertake is viewed with long term stability as a primary goal. This is not altruism, but hard headed practicality. We have no P.R. department to trump up a product that we plan on obsolete within 3 years.
The majority of our customer base is industry, two-way radio dealers and Whelen outdoor warning system dealers.

If you need to partner with a equipment provider in the communications field, we are that ready for the challange.

I would like to talk about our end users but for the most part there our customers customers.

If you have questions, call us and start a dialog. 281-334-7171
Whelen is a trademark of Whelen engineering

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