Wireless Push Button System

Who needs this kind of system:
Chemical Plant
Any plant where rapid location specific information is needed as an emergency develops.
The Wireless Push Button System is made up of Wireless Push Button Boxes deployed in the customer's field of interest and one or more receivers interfaced to the customer's notification devices or systems. The overall product is referred to as a WPBS for Wireless Push Button System and WPBB for Wireless Push Button Box.

The Wireless Push Button System's advantages are:

No trenching.
The Push button is glass sealed magnetically coupled reed switch.
No maximum number of WPBB.
Area of coverage can be unlimited
One button (one function), two button (three function).
The two button version's third function is used to test both buttons and the complete path to the notifications destination.

WPBB operation:

Until the button is pressed, the Wireless Push Button Box is without power, drawing no power from the battery. Once a button is pressed the WPBB processor is powered up, retrieves a pre-stored message specific to that button and sends the the message via a wireless transmitter, the processor then turns the WPBB back off. Anticipated battery life is 20 years.
The WPBS are configured to fit the end customers needs. Tested as a system at Bytel and deployed to the field for installation by a dealer.

Message transport:

Below is the Bytel Push Button Box. (WPBB)

Above is the wireless receiver and display panel.

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